Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Here, he went under:
the canal swallowing him in one gulp;

wrapped in reeds, the pike nudging him on.

Scots warrior.

...and in Valhalla
the stag Eikthyrnr stands proudly on the hillside waiting;
whilst Valkyries bear flagons of ale  -

never such a home from home!

poet’s funeral
the piper blows a lament
snowdrops’ heads hang

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Tucked into the Tuscan hills:
cradle of the Augustinian movement;
now an enclosed community of nuns.

through the leaves
the sisters'

They greet us with such joyous smiles,
enhancing the encompassing silence, making every movement an insinuation of God’s presence.

her childlike hands
wrapping my rosary
...ten knots

Their infectious happiness (witness Sr. Guerrini's modern-day cartoons).

drenched in laughter:
the flowers
they tend

Eventually, as they return to prayer  (their work in, and for, The World)
they sneak a quick( and perhaps pitying) smile through the latticed screen as we leave.

compline  -
shining stars
in the dark vale/veil