Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Trudging through dripping pines, and knee high ferns, we arrive:
an old gamekeeper’s hut  -   here the  gralloched deer hung and bled
(a groove cut in the floor letting the blood run back into the earth);
now  a nine foot by five foot crucifix takes up all floor space; the life- size Christ resting on the timbers, head lolling  -  as once the great stag, his blood drained from him, stared out from under the thorns of his tines.
We gather round the cross, the old man holding one nailed hand, and we enter that
silent and timeless space: prayer;

whilst beams of light criss-cross through the slatted windows,
fixing  an eternal hologram.

treading on a chestnut
the shell breaks
...little crown of thorns


Gordon Mason said...

This is wonderful, John. While it is of course associated with death, gralloch is a great word. Then the link to the crucifixion; and finally the throw-in chestnut which reveals such a powerful image.

Gwil W said...

Gordon's completely right. Well done.